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Why It Works

Unlike any other course offered, this one on one mentorship program allows you to perform surgeries in the comfort of your own practice with your staff present. This unique approach brings our Oral Surgeons and Certified Dental Assistants to your practice for one-on-one mentorship with you and your whole staff. Other courses tend to require you to travel out of state, you stay in a hotel, practice on models with the institute provided equipment. This results in a stressful transition to your office and supporting staff who are generally left without proper training or guidance. We at Maxillofacial Institute of Implantology would like to eliminate all the above barriers.

Have your in house patient treated in the comfort of your office while your staff is simultaneously trained ensuring you are not distracted away from your surgery.

This will result in a pleasant experience for all parties and motivation to do more implant cases.

Through our courses offered, you will be able to guide your patients from the initial consultation by presenting the diagnostic treatment plan and selecting the correct case to executing implant treatment with the final restoration in confidence. The case will be discussed with our Oral Surgeons via uploading an x-ray and necessary treatment options. This course will train your staff by our Certified Dental Assistants to be more efficient so that your primary role will be performing surgery. This will enable your practice to become more proficient in every aspect of treatment.

Hands On Learning

  • Hands on practice - Integrates not just the theory but also the practical part of surgery.
  • Performing live surgery in the comfort of your own practice - Enforce the comfort level and ease with implant surgery for you and your staff. Mentorship will come from an experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon and highly trained certified dental assistant staff member.
  • Build your confidence - With the mentorship you will gradually increase your confidence while working with actual live patients
  • Networking and building relationships - Our team with other participants will build a confident relationship and the ability to have continued support from resources for up to date education on implantology which also provides CE credits.
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