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In order to get a first class education the Maxillofacial Institute was the most appropriate place to start. Dr. Malik is truly an outstanding clinician and teacher. He is able to deliver a huge amount of information in a very easy to understand way. His lectures have provided me with the knowledge of how to effectively treatment plan and place implants in a predictable and safe protocol for cases suited for the general practitioner. The hands on training brought together all the didactic material on implant placement and practical application on my own patient under supervised conditions was a wonderful experience! Thank you Dr.Malik for elevating my career and giving me a solid foundation in implant dentistry on which to build! I highly recommend it (lectures and hands on training) to anyone interested in implementing implants into their practice! Dr Anna Przyszlak DDS, Niles, IL

I cannot say enough about my experience with the Maxillofacial Institute. It has been extremely helpful in giving me confidence to place implants. Dr. Malik has a wealth of information and the one on one time that he provides is invaluable. I look forward to continue my studies with him! I highly recommend this program to any general dentist who wants to place implants in their practice! Dr Matthew Witt DDS, State Street Dental, Lemont IL

The doctors and staff are easy to work with. The team is very organized as well as educated in the field of implant dentistry. One on one training in my own office with an oral surgeon right next to me made the transition from academic to clinical extremely smooth and comfortable.Learning how to place implants has been fun and rewarding! I couldn't think of a better way to learn! Dr Robert Gentile DDS, Crestwood, IL

Most of my patient's are very interested in dental implants but simply delayed getting them done due to the hassle of going to a specialist's office to have them placed. Once I received my training from Dr. Malik, I felt extremely confident in my surgical skills! My patients are thrilled that I finally offered the service and I hit the ground running! I now average about 4-5 implants a month. Dr Saqib H. Mohajir DMD, Pinewood Dental, Lemont, IL

Right out of school I never thought I would be placing dental implants. After Dr. Malik's course; I feel comfortable and confident! It's hands on, my patients, and in my office! Dr. Malik not only trained me but also my staff. If you're thinking about incorporating implants in your office this course would be the BEST fit! Dr. Nathaniel Rood, Orland Smiles, Orland Park IL

I have been training with Dr. Malik at the Maxillofacial institute for approximately one year. Not only do I receive practical application on implant placement and the academics behind successful implant placement, but I also know I have a group that wants to see me succeed in my practice with implants. I highly recommend the Maxillofacial Institute to anyone who really wants to make placing successful implants a routine procedure in their office. Shane G Sudman DDS, Atrium Family Dental, New Lenox, IL

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