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Bronze (Academic Only)


Academic Only Membership includes:
    • 12 lectures online with video commentary; this includes 12 hours of online lectures. Chapters include:

Chapter Sequence:

    • Introduction
    • Radiographic Evaluation
    • Bone Physiology and Osseointegration
    • Practical Application of Anatomy for the Dental Implants
    • Medical Consideration for Implant Dentistry
    • Occlusal Consideration for Implant Dentistry
    • Implant Anatomy, Numbers and Possible Complications
    • Wound Healing, Flap Design and Suturing Techniques
    • Consent for Dental Implants
    • Pre and Post-Operative Instructions
    • Dental Assistant Training
    • Basic Surgical Protocol and Treatment Planning
  • Members need to view the chapter and pass the quiz for that particular chapter before the next chapter is unlocked. If you do not pass the quiz, the next chapter would not unlock for you to view. After all the chapters are unlocked the member will receive a certificate and CE credits..
  • Access to a blog to discuss and upload cases with our private oral surgeon members and continued feedback about your case and others. From simple to complex implant cases, you are continually guided step by step.
  • Power point presentation(s) that will be added routinely with important topics including infection, bisphosphonates, and hypertension, among others.
  • Members will receive a complementary 1 year membership with the ACMI (American College of Maxillofacial Implantology). Upon completion receive a Diploma and other associated benefits while being a member.


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Platinum (Academic & Clinical)


Academic and Clinical Memberships include:
    • Includes everything offered in Academic Membership.
    • Clinical Mentorship by our oral and maxillofacial surgeon of up to 5 cases in the comfort of the member’s own office from 9:00am to 4:30pm. We will be responsible for bringing an experienced dental implant assistant trainer to help the staff understand and teach every aspect of becoming a great implant team. Before Implant Surgery/Clinical Day: Choose 5 implant cases you would like Mentorship for. The member must upload to our site 5 cases with x-rays, chief complaint, patient’s medical history and treatment plan as recommended by the member/doctor. (Please include a signed HIPPA release form). The case selection should NOT be from teeth #’s 6-11 or 22-27 (Unless discussed earlier with our surgeon). Once the surgeon has reviewed the case, a date will then be coordinated for the surgery and Mentorship. Our team is responsible for Mentorship only. Members are solely responsible for all of the clinical work in the patient’s mouth.
      • Members will be responsible for all the equipment and implants etc. Below is an example of a typical Clinical Day.
Example Schedule for Mentorship Day/Clinical Day

Start at 8:30am - Meet with Staff and Doctor: Go over exact roles of each person so the procedure goes smoothly and the doctor’s only focus is the patient.

9:00am - The member/doctor and surgical mentor will go over the cases for the day and discuss the treatment planning for each case such as flap design etc.

10am to 12:30pm - Perform 3 surgical cases and discuss those cases regarding improvement along with Q&A with doctor and the staff.

-- Break --

1:30pm to 3:00pm - Perform the last 2 surgical cases.

At the end of the day we will discuss our experience and add any insight to add to your confidence and expand your knowledge base and comfort level.

After 5 implant cases the doctor/member will have enough knowledge for case selection, dictate confidence clinically and feel comfortable placing implants from start to finish in the comfort of their own office. Staff as well will gain the confidence to be able to feel comfortable performing the procedures.

*Making the procedure enjoyable for the doctor and the practice*

  • Members will also receive a diploma and CE for that clinical day.

**Just ADDED! We will offer FREE BLS (Basic Life Support) Staff Training to all graduates of Maxillofacial Institute of Implantology with our Certified BLS Instructor as part of the Implant Staff Training! Please inform when registering to our Platinum Program! Bronze Program Members fees will apply. Ask for details!**

We can also provide Dental Office Emergency Protocols within your office. One of our highly trained Emergency Quality Control team members can come to your office and set up emergency management systems for your office to give you the piece of mind you and your staff can handle Dental Office Emergencies. Please ask us for details!


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