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Introduction to the online and practical portion of the lecture series and courses. Setting the goals for the course and understanding that this course is just the introduction to implant dentistry. Courses are designed for practical day to day implant procedures and intended for dental doctors who want to expand and bring implant treatment option to their patients.

Radiographic Evaluation

Different modalities for radiographic evaluation are discussed. Understanding of radiation dosage. Each modality with its pros and cons. Use of radiographs in different phases of Implant dentistry. Formula to calculate distortion. How to manipulate and understand CBCT. Understanding of Hounsfield Unit.

Bone Physiology and Osseointegration

Difference in characteristic of Cortical versus Cancellous bone. Discussed different type of bone cells and there roles. Understanding of Misch Classification of Bone Type. Understanding 3 phases of osseointegration and timeline. Role of implant surface. Concept of contact and distant osteogenessis.

Practical Application of Anatomy for the Dental Implant

Detailed understanding of various anatomical landmarks that are encountered during surgical placement of Implant dentistry. Research articles are referenced for mean distances and pathway for these important landmark anatomical structures in relation to implant dentistry. Including but not limited to IAN pathway, Mental foramen, Lingual nerve, Maxillary sinus, Vasculature floor of the mouth etc.

Medical Consideration for Implant Dentistry

We used the concept of evidence base information from literature review to help guide patient selection and precautions for implant dentistry. Subject discussed include but not limited to smoking, diabetes, radiotherapy, osteoporosis, Bisphosphonate medication etc. Also, discussed are the different recommendations by authors, regarding absolute and relative contraindication(s) for medical reason in implant dentistry.

Occlusion for Implant Dentistry

Occlusion discussion difference between implant and a tooth. Types of different occlusions and the role they play in implant dentistry. Discuss the role of biting force in normal and parafunctional habits. Crown height space is discussed for multiple different prosthetic designs. Pros and Cons of screw retained versus cement retained prosthetics. Discussion for restoration of full arch and cantilever limitations.

Implant Anatomy , Numbers and Possible Complications

Discuss different types of implant shapes and design. Key numbers related to surgical placement of implants. Guidelines for success and failure of implants. Understanding of Basic Surgical Kit. Follow up appointment for implants and maintenance requirements. Possible post-surgical complications and treatments.

Wound Healing, Flap Design and Suturing Technique For Implant Dentistry

Discuss topics included but not limited to wound classification, differences between primary, secondary and tertiary healing, different phases of soft tissue healing, factors effecting soft tissue healing etc. Anatomy of suture needle, difference between various suture materials. Live demonstration of different suturing techniques and how to handle various surgical instruments. Concept of basic flap design. Advantage and disadvantage of wide versus limited mobile flap design.

Consent Form for Dental Implants

Review of the recommended content needed to be discussed with the patient and/or guardian prior to implant surgery. Topics include definition of surgery and informed consent of alternate options. Possible side effects, complications and risks discussed. Patient also verifies that he/she understand the risks involved as well as patients signed consent to have surgery performed.

Pre-Op Instructions for Local Anesthesia

Topics include checklist of what the patient needs to know prior to surgery under local anesthesia. Review of medications, diet and proper attire. Recommendations on smoking and how much time to take off from work or school.

Pre-Op Instructions before IV Sedation

Here we discuss medical history and obtain medical clearance from the primary care physician if necessary. Recommended attire will be discussed as well as instructions on diet after implant surgery. Discuss patient's home transportation needs after implant surgery. Recommendations on smoking and how much time to take off from work or school.

Post-Op Instructions

Explaining do’s and don’ts for patients after implant surgery. Here you will provide instructions on how to take medications, post operative care and after surgiery diet. Also, explaining possible scenarios after surgery with sutures, swelling and pain. We will also discuss recommendations on smoking, oral contraceptives, lip therapy as well as what to do if there is a problem.

Dental Assistant / Support Staff Training

This is designed to educate dental assistants regarding the surgical aspects of dental implantology. The focus is on the role of the clinical dental assistant throughout various stages of implant surgery and responsibilities associated with surgical implant procedures.


Surgical Treatment Planning

Understanding your own limitation in case selection. Parameters for successful implant case. Pre-operative diagnostic workup. Use of radiographic evaluation. Evaluation of gingival and bony defects. Different types of prosthetic treatment planning. Discuss early, delay and functional loading of implants. Precautions in placing implants in the esthetic zone. Summary of surgical drill sequence. Importance of patient position and live demo of an implant placement.


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